Simple Tips For Mastering Location Based SEO

10-ways-to-convert-more-customers-using-locationLocation based searches are being looked at carefully by the search engines to make their user experience better. If you want to take advantage of this you need to learn about location-based SEO. There are some tips that you need to look at which can help you master location based optimization and rank for location based searches.

Be Specific In Your SEO

To rank for location based searches you need to be specific in your SEO because searchers are going to be specific in their search terms. If you are running a real estate business then you target market is more likely to search by the city than by the state. It is important that you carefully check this site before you consider how your target market will look for information. Once you do this you can create your SEO strategy to match.

It should be noted that very specific SEO could help you rank for broader search terms as well. If you are optimizing a page for a city but include the name of the state as well could start to rank for both. Of course, the success of this strategy could vary depending on the search terms and the competition.

Pages For Each Location

When targeting location-based searches for multiple locations you have to consider multiple landing pages. There is no point in ranking for a search in Tampa if the land page has no information for Tampa. Creating a specific landing page for each geographic area you target is important because it ensures the user’s lands on a page that relates to their search.

Having a separate landing page for each location will also help you rank for the area. The content of the landing page will tell the search engines about the location you want to rank for. More focuses landing pages tend to rank better than ones with a broader scope.

Always Consider Actions

When looking at location-based SEO you should not only consider the location. While the location is important you also need to think about the verbs or actions that your potential customers are using. If you are trying to target home buyers in a certain area then you have to optimize your strategy to include the verbs ëbuyí or ëinvestí.

When you include these verbs into your optimization you narrow the search terms and the audience. This generally provides a better target market because you are targeting only the audience that wants what you have to offer. Additionally, SEO strategies that utilize longer keywords and phrases will generally do better.

Donít Stop With Your Website

To master location based searches you should not only optimize your website. While your website is the first place you should look when optimizing for location based searches you should also look at social media and other location services. If you have a physical location you will want to appear on search engine maps. You can appear on the maps by setting up business accounts like the Google My Business account.

However, you should not stop there because creating location-based SEO strategies for social media will also help you. If you have videos on YouTube, you need to optimize their titles and descriptions. Studies have shown that through the optimization of social networks and videos you could dominate a number of tops spots on the rankings.

Donít Forget About Mobile Traffic

When looking at location-based searches you need to consider that many of them will be done via a mobile device. To ensure that you rank for these searches you have to have a mobile friendly websites. The search engines will usually rank a mobile friendly websites above one that is not. This is due to them wanting to offer their users the best experience possible.

Have A Call To Action

While a call to action will generally not help you rank, it will help you convert the location based searches. When someone is looking for something in a specific area, they are generally very close to taking action. By having a clear call to action you can ensure that you capture leads and generate sales at the right time. You call to action should be somewhere visible and should not take the visitor very long to complete.